Where to Find More Information on Cetonas de Frambuesa so We Can Get Back to Talking About Viggo Mortensen

Here at Viggo-Online we have had such a positive response to our Cetonas de Frambuesa post so we wanted to add a little more for you. If you are looking for ways to lose weight and were interested in trying cetonas de frambuesa then we have a couple more sources for you that might be helpful.

What is It?

Cetonas de frambuesa are the chemical compound that is found in the raspberry. It has been scientifically proven to assist in burning fat and losing weight. The way that it does this is by acting as an appetite suppressant. When you eat less you can continue to stick to your diet with a lot less effort. If your diet is easier then you will more likely adhere to it.

How it Helps with Blood Sugar Levels

Also, it is an important part of your body’s blood sugar levels and its response to insulin. When ketones are present in your body is has a great effect. The effect of having ketones present in your bloodstream is that your body will burn calories as fuel rather than storing it as fat in your body. Anyone can see that this will help you to slim down a lot faster.

Reviews of Cetonas de Frambuesa

We had a lot of questions about people who have tried it and had success with it. So, we wanted to share a couple of different resources for with you so that you can see for yourself. You can check out these sites to see what others are saying about raspberry keytones opiniones.

The sites will give you reviews and information about the side effects and who should not take these supplements. Not all supplements are for everybody, so before you take cetonas de frambuesa we advise you to take a look and see what they have to say. If you meet all the criteria, then you can go ahead and use them.

It’s better to be safe than sorry, so be sure that you are looking at the right information. Also it’s good to get accounts from people who have used it so that you can know what to expect when you take cetonas de frambuesa. It’s always helpful to have an honest reviewer tell you what to look for.

Back to Viggo Mortensen

So, for more information about cetonas de frambuesa and how they can help you to lose weight please visit the website. I didn’t want to talk too much about this as this website is he supposed to be more about Viggo Mortensen. However, when talking about how he slims down for some of his roles, we got into the topic of different kind of supplements I can work. So, I wanted to redirect you to some helpful block that will give you the information that you need so we can get back to talking about our favorite actor, Viggo Mortensen.


Pastillas de Mango Africano To Cut Like The Big Time Actors

If you’ve been following my Viggo Mortensen blog lately, then you know that we’ve been checking out how leading men have been cutting down for their roles. We discussed some of the different supplements these actors are taking like garcinia cambogia or pastillas de mango africano.

What’s great is that while you and I may not be prepping for a movie role, if we want to trim down a bit we can still make use of some of these actors’ tricks. Mango africano is available mostly everywhere, so you can burn fat using the same supplements that the big time actors use.

Mango africano, of course, works best with an well-planned diet and exercise program. It can work fine on its own. Check out their YouTube Channel. But if you want real results, you have to put forth the effort. Don’t expect immediately results with mango africano by just taking the pastillas and sitting on the couch.

Silver Screen Fitness: Cetonas de Frambuesa

With all the action movies coming out lately, we have seen a lot of actors transforming their bodies for roles. We discussed in a previous article about how Hugh Jackman went from the muscular Wolverine character to losing a lot of that muscle to play the lead role in Les Miserable. Also, we saw Chris Hemsworth went from his role in the “God of Thunder” in Thor to a scrawny, starved Sailor in his movie In the Heart of the Sea.

chris skinnyWe have seen many actors and actresses lose weight for particular movies that they are in. Viggo Mortensen did this as well for some of his roles. Many times, however, this is not done in a particularly healthy way. It’s really not something that non-actors would want to emulate. Why? That is what we will discuss in this article.

hugh skinny

For an actor, he or she has to look a certain way to look a certain way for a role. There are a variety of ways to lose weight, but doing it so quickly is very taxing on the body. As you can see by these actors it can be done. But, they are being paid millions of dollars for this. And, once they are done, they can eat up and take give their bodies a break. Sure, it is unhealthy, but they can take time off to recover.

Most of us, on the other hand, have jobs and other responsibilities. Our physiques are not our livelihood. So, while we would love to slim down as fast as Chris Hemsworth, it’s very unhealthy for us to do in it the same way.

For one thing, actors talk about being irritable. Matthew Mcconaughey has talked about “getting a little sharp”. Now, if your weight loss has millions of dollars on the line and it your primary source of income, then your family and friends will probably understand you being a little crabby while you’re losing the weight. However, if you are not a Hollywood actor, you coworkers and friends may not appreciate the difficulty of your extreme diet or weight loss transformation.



cetonaOne way to make losing way a little easier is to take cetonas de frambuesa http://www.cetonasdeframbuesa.com/ or check out their Facebook and Google +. They are basically raspberry ketone extracts. They help you to boot your metabolism which will make your fat burning occur more quickly. When your metabolism is functioning at a higher rate, the same diet and exercise you are doing will be even more affected. The cetona de frambuesa will help you more easily get into a caloric deficit, facilitating your fat burning.

So, if you are getting ready for the beach this summer, then by all means go on a diet and hit the gym. Take some cetona de frambuesa to help you along the way, too. But, don’t get caught up in thinking you have to lose weight like Hugh Jackman or Viggo Mortensen to get in great shape. You can do it; it will just take a little longer. But, you’ll be much healthier and keep the weight off. Also, your family and friends will be much happier, too.

More on Cetonas de Frambuesa


Viggo Losing Weight For His Role in “The Road”

This is Viggo-Online.com! This site is for the amazing actor Viggo Mortensen. He is a Danish-American actor that appeared in several feature films throughout the 1990s (GI Jane, Crimson Tide) and became a household name after starring in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Peter Jackson selected Viggo for the role because his superb acting skills were needed to bring the beloved Aragorn character to life.

close shot of Viggo Mortensen

Viggo is a talented actor (married to Ariadna Gil) and this site is for his fans to discuss and share what we like about this talented man. We are also happy to discuss other talented actors and filmmakers as our goal is for open discussion of Viggo Mortensen’s projects as well as his colleagues’ projects.

So, feel free to talk about any and all your favorite actors. Some of mine are Hugh Jackman, Ed Harris, Chris Hemsworth, and the list goes on.

Weight Loss for Film Roles

An actor’s physique is often one of his biggest assets. So, when it comes time to either beef up or lean down, what to the pros do? They hire the best trainers, take the best supplements and do whatever it takes to get ready for the camera!

Viggo Mortensen has to do something similar in his role in “The Road“. He said “It took a certain amount of discipline” so we know that it takes a lot of hard work for actors to slim down for the parts they are playing.

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman also notoriously starved himself for his role in Les Miserables. He describes it as “most grueling role ever” He shed 30 pounds by lifting weights for 3 hours per day and eating very low calories (500-1000 calories per day).

Some actors take weight loss pills in order to help themselves cut down for a role, too. While there are many different varieties, it really all depends on the individual’s unique needs and body composition. Here is some very good information on the Mango Africano pills to help adelgazar that many Hollywood actors are using. It’s surely not the end all and be all of losing weight, but when you need to burn fat quickly, Mango Africano can be a useful tool.

You can also check out Mango Africano’s About.me and the Mango Africano Flavors.me.

Hugh Jackman losing weight for Les Mis

Previously in his role as Wolverine in the X-Men Series, Jackman packed on muscle to bring to life that beloved comic book hero.


Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is another actor who changed his body for a movie role. He packed on 15 lbs of muscle to star as the “God of Thunder” in the film Thor. Lifting heavy weights with proper form and eating just enough calories to sustain muscle growth was the key to his successful transformation. Eating lean proteins such as chicken breast along with vegetables every day trimmed away the fat while providing enough protein to fuel building more muscle. The result is ripped abs, bigger chest and shoulder, and bulging biceps. Not a bad combination for the silver screen.